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Aion The Tower of Eternity IntroductionAION TOWER OF ETERNITY WORLD
Aion is the most visually beautiful MMORPG ever made. In this ethereal world, you will have the power to direct dynamic relationships between the Elyos and the Asmodians to control the fate of the world. You will evolve Aion's storylines through social, economic and cultural experiences that are both interactive and cinematic.

This game will transform the way you experience new content. The actions of every player on each individual server will push storylines toward new directions. As these actions accumulate, they will eventually trigger which will then further change the game's economies and alliances. Players will create their own distinct history and will have their names forever recorded in fame or infamy.

Aion is a game that knows no cultural boundaries, and will provide an art style, story and game mechanics that will last through the ages and be appreciated by a global audience.
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This website is for saleAION TOWER OF ETERNITY NEWS
Aion Global

This website is for sale, please use the contact form.
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RP Contest Winners and CBT4 Live StreamingAION TOWER OF ETERNITY NEWS
Hey guys,

Here are the 10 winners of our Role Playing contest!

Zinarok, lnodiv, stormie199, regaldeacon, aanya, Kage, downtownrobot, arlendemalk, Tinuvial, Shermani.

Invites have been send to your AG's Inbox and Killer Guides media team will be contacting you shortly via E-Mail for your guides!

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CBT4 Contest Invites and GuidesAION TOWER OF ETERNITY NEWS
Hey folks,

The fourth closed beta test is just around the corner!
Starting time: 17th of July (noon PDT, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)
Ending time: 20th of July (noon PDT, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)
Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25, including access to the Abyss.
Aion Global would like to invite 10 people to take part in the upcoming Aion beta events.  
This time we will have a creative writing contest dedicated to the Role Playing part of the community.
To enter our competition for a chance to win a North American beta key, post a comment with your characters story.  
We would like to hear the background story behind your character as you plan to enter the world of Atreia.  
If you haven't read the lore behind the two races, now might be a perfect time.
Read more on Elyos and Asmodians.  
But wait, that's not all! In addition the contest winners will receive a free, 120 page guide covering Aion on huge variety of aspects with life time updates.
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Hey guys,

After quite a wile NCSoft is ready to unveil another trailer!
This time it is an Asmodian zone called Beluslan.

Even by the standards of Asmodae, already a harsh and inhospitable land, Beluslan is particularly icy and forbidding. What life there is clings to existence on the rocky slopes and foothills of Chaos Pass, or is twisted into strange and disturbing forms on the Black Plains and in Giant’s Valley. Kurngalfsberg, once a thriving city, fell under the disapproving gaze of Ereshkigal, one of the Dragon Lords in the world of Aion, and in a fit of ire he encased it in ice. Now it lies deserted by human and Daeva alike; only the beasts of the tundra can live there amidst the bone-chilling winds and the drifts of snow. Kistenian and his fellow Flame Daevas hope to breathe life back into it with the help of the ancient tree people, the Elim. At Anair Harbor, a flash freeze occurred during a terrifying sea storm, capturing the swelling ocean just as the waves were about to crash down around a great ship, which is now forever trapped, like an insect in amber, in the water's icy grip.

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Aion Ventrilo Server Hey guys,

Just want to make this public announcement about our Ventrilo Server.

If you like to use voice communication while playing, feel free to join a discussion with other Aion fans or if you simply have some questions regarding the the game, maybe some of the community members will be able to answer them!

Download the client required by our server.

You must register before you can view this text. Please register and Login

Enter the below server details:

Hostname: vent.aionglobal.com
Port number: 3784

Click here to see a screenshot of setting just in case you haven't used Ventrilo before

Also a special offer for Legion GMs, if you would like to receive a Free of charge channel for your Legion members simply post a comment with the following information:

1) Legion name
2) Region NA or Europe
3) Amount of members
4) Legions website/recruitment thread

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Finally the wait is over and NCSoft has announced the Official Aion Release Date!

Your adventures in Aion begin this September! NCsoft is proud to announce that Aion launches in North America on September 22, 2009 and makes its official debut in Europe starting September 25, 2009.

Not only can you find the game at your favorite retail store, Aion will also be available as a digital download at NCsoft.com this September!

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The next coming NA & EU Beta event for Aion is currently scheduled as follows:

Starting Time: Friday, June 19th (9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST, noon PT)
Ending Time: Monday, June 21st (8:59 AM CEST, 7:59 AM BST, Sunday 7th 11.59 PM PT)

Features: Asmodian race, levels 1 - 10

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Hello guys,

I would like to post this quick guide for folks that have some problems with downloading Aion.

You should use this method if

You have slow Internet connection;
You can't leave your PC on over night;
Other problems with NCSoft Launcher.

Download the NCSoft Launcher

You must register before you can view this text. Please register and Login

Select the folder where you would like to install Aion. For example C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSoft\Aion and start the download.

Now you will need a Download Manager, I can recommend a Russian one from WestByte.
The Russian version is free and the English one is paid, strange isn't it? Here's the Russian one.

You must register before you can view this text. Please register and Login

Extract the content to any folder and launch the program.

Press + and enter the following URL

You must register before you can view this text. Please register and Login

Select the folder where you want to download the file, example: C:\Users\Orzmella\Desktop\
Click the left bold button to start the download. ( --> Start, || Pause, X Delete )

After you finish downloading Aion_Main_0.0.0.0To1.0.2.10.ncpatch copy it to your Aion installation directory, in our case it is C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSoft\Aion

Now start the NCSoft Launcher. Your game should be at 100% and Launcher will extract and install the game. Once it finishes you can click Play Now.

That is all. Hope it helps.

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Congratulations to all contest winners.

Auesis, Lithia, Ryn, Saren, tinytimmy, Wyvernix, Jalynfein, Zato iceclave, Zara, Miss, Velimirius, unzarida, Palavar, INV1DIUM, speedzero, Kiyomeru, strawheart, Efertin, Taihaku, NepheleCiel, vysion, strifeXstyle, Cyberwes, NeQs, Tirinium, Rayman0625, Jcenawl, Kaldea, Quantic, Clean, willeex, mini0909, zarakikenchan, Shoshi, Craigster, transendence, transendence, Metallicmike, futurejiver, Metalhead, nygio, crutchers4288, Omunae, aces2020, Goboard, rainchild, Yosu, Claeson, valdo33, torasin, steffi2206

Mort, Takoom, Theocass, Yame

If you don't contact me till 2009-06-11 your keys will be send to other people.

Keys were sent out on June 4, and you should have received it in your Private Message Inbox. (Looks like this)

Summory of what it took to win a key:

1) Interesting answers
2) Motivation in writing
3) Answers formatted with bbcodes

Some questions I have received:

If I am from Europe, can I play on North American servers?
Yes you can, as long as you enter a NA key.

Will there be other chance to win a key?
There will be more preview weekends and everything depends on NCSoft.
If they decide to release another batch of keys for us, then expect to see another competition!

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